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Vii Capital MTN Fund

Welcome to Multiplica Tu Nomina, MTN: We are a Mexican company founded in 2008 to serve a growing number of employees of public and private companies that require cash loans.

Our company aims to provide innovative and comprehensive solutions for the granting of cash loans via payroll deduction, guaranteeing competitive rates, high quality service, personalized attention, and immediate response to the needs of the employee.

As SOFOM (Multiple Purpose Financial Company), it is supervised by the CNBV (National Banking and Securities Commission), CONDUSEF (National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services) and the Bureau of Financial Entities, with the aim of providing the confidence and security that Mexicans need when seeking a solution: a financial loan, to provide a real solution to liquidity and improve practices in terms of customer service.

Our credit product is defined by the following financial indicators:

Loans from $2,000 pesos (approximately 100 US Dollars) to $350,000.00 (approximately 18,500 US Dollars)

Without exceeding 30% of payment capacity.

Via Payroll deduction.

From 12 to 48-month terms.

Fixed Payments

Competitive interest rates.

Consumer credit in Mexico has great potential for growth since the levels of banking penetration in the country are much lower compared to other Latin American countries.

The socio-demographic variables in Mexico show a high demand for consumer credit.

The age of the productive population in Mexico will increase proportionally as a percentage of the basis of the total population over the next twenty years.

Participation of women in the labor force is expected to increase in the medium and long term, reinforcing the possibilities of credit for household consumption.

Nontraditional credit institutions have developed a wide range of financial products and services to attack specific market niches of the non banking population therefore,

The payroll deduction loan modality represents an attractive business model with significant growth potential.

MTN has over 23 locations and is head Quartered in Mexico City.

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